Mar 25, 2013

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They are an ever present controlling influence in our life and we seem not to know it.


Lines from Shane McElveen on Vimeo.

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Jan 5, 2013

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Antigonish (The Little Man Who Wasn’t There) from Shane McElveen on Vimeo.

This is a very short film I made using the first verse of Antigonish by Hughes Mearns. Filmed in Annesbrook last year (2012) with the help of several friends and family members.

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Dec 10, 2012

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The dying art of the bootleg

Bootlegs pre mobile phone were a fairly big deal. You had to sneak in a tape recorded to the gig and try not to get noticed. Now everyone records everything and no one cares. In fact it is positively endorsed by bands, brands and companies to get the message out there. The analoge style bootleg recordings were always bad and made worse by the many generation version you would inevitably get. I was never a big bootleger but there was one gig I did record and had the good fortune to keep the tapes. I safely put them aside 12 years ago and found them by chance a couple of weeks back. Now digitized and uploaded to SoundCloud. They were recordings from a spoken word gig I attended in Whelan’s in September 1996.

It was an interesting line up of local and international writers: Gavin Friday, Nick Cave, Pat McCabe, Roddy DoyleMelvin Van Peebles and Carolyn Cassady. The master of ceremonies for the evening was English poet Jock Scot. He read several of his own poems between introducing the other speakers.

Gavin Friday talks about his uncle and his musical influences. Nick Cave reads from a commissioned work by the BBC on the subject of language and religion. The essay was entitled The Flesh Made Word mostly about his relationship with his Dad. Pat McCabe brings The Butcher Boy brilliantly to life. While Roddy Doyle reads for the first time in public from The Commitments. He also reads from an unpublished work with a working title called The Last Rambler. Having not read a lot of Roddy Doyle I’m not sure if this was ever published?  Legendary director, producer, writer, actor, composer and editor Melvin Van Peebles, gives an account of how he became to be where he is today. Carolyn Cassady reads from On the Road the cult classic about her husband Neal Cassady and Jack KerouacI’m happy to say I had a brief conservation with Carolyn at the end of the gig. I promised her I would send her on a copy of the tape. Of course I never did, perhaps I can email her about it …

There are a couple of other recordings that I plan to put up in the future. Part two of Gavin Friday where he seems a little “tired and emotional” and Part two of Pat McCabe. Part one of Jock Scot also needs an airing.

Enjoy the recordings, they are a bit glitchy in places …

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Oct 15, 2012

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Horror Night!

From time to time I organise film nights (and other events). This November 10th I have organised an 8mm film night of horror films for the Halloween season. The evening will take place in Annesbrook, Duleek, Co. Meath you can find out more about the evening and book tickets for the event.

The evening would not be posible if it was not for Dennis Kenny and his fantastic collection of 8mm and Super 8mm films. Many thanks to Dennis.

I created some appropriate flyers for the occasion. The artwork for the flyers also feature on all the promotion material for Annesbrook on social media Facebook, Google + and twitter.

It was difficult to decide on which of the two options I should go for so I asked friends and family. We settled on “Something horrible has happened in the kitchen …”


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Sep 25, 2012

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Dublin Vistas

Filmed in and around Dublin over the past 48 months. Dublin Vistas captures the changing nature of the city even during a time of relative quite in the economic life of the city. It shows the nature of change despite the circumstances.

Many thanks to my collaborator Cormac Phelan for supplying the specially commissioned music, beyond the call of duty!

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Jul 17, 2012

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Freewheeling videographer if you please

Back in April the very cleaver people in pufferfish featured the bench video on their site. Apart from the recognition which is flattering – and who does not like that – they also gave me the best title: Freewheeling videographer. Featured video and cool title aside pufferfish is worth having a look at featuring artists from all over Ireland in many different disciplines.



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May 24, 2012

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Mummy Cat

During the removal of a garden shed I found the remains of a mummified cat. It was a small scrawny black and white stray that I had befriended several years previously. She was quite skittish and you could just about touch her but no more, you could tell she enjoyed the company all the same. The last time she was seen alive she was coughing and was very ill. She would run away when you got to close so there was no way  pick her up to try and help. It seems she found a quiet pace for a rest.

It was a surprise to find her and to find her mummified was an even bigger surprise. The mummified remains are very well preserved considering the frequent inclement conditions we have in Ireland.

She is now in the back garden under the roses, rest well kitty.

mummy cat

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