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Shane McElveen - interactive designer

Hi there, I’m Shane McElveen an Interactive Designer

I have almost two decades of experience working as an interactive designer. Over that time I have worked for many companies in different industries from large corporates to agencies to start-ups and contracting.


My depth of knowledge of user interactive design (UCD, UX & UI) has helped me achieve consistent high standards for employers and clients.

Previous projects I have worked on include mobile apps, responsive sites, touch screens and information screens.

Employers – past & present

Case Study


Paddy Power next generation screens

The innovative Paddy Power are always looking to enhance the customer experience. These days in the gaming industry with the focus being on online it is easy to forget the importance of the physical infrastructure.  Paddy Powers shops are still an important part of the business and the shop experience is constantly evolving.

The Next Generation Screen project is part of the move to convergence within the gaming industry where the barriers between the online and offline are merging.

Paddy Power gantry screens

Noatable examples


Ground Transportation

Paddy Power

Next Generation Screens


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Rural Enterprise Development (RED)

Martello Media

Shane McElveen

Shane McElveen

interactive designer

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